Utah Society of Radiologic Technologists

Mammography Board Members


Jenny Leonce, ARRT (R)(M)


Kim Anderson

Vice President

Jennifer Santiago, MSRS, ARRT (R)(MR)

Chairman of the Board


If you are interested in serving as President-elect, please complete the form located at the link below.  Nominations will be open until October 29th.



I have worked in Mammography for 17 years; I love and enjoy my career in breast care. I currently work for Intermountain Medical Center as an Imaging Coordinator and Clinical Instructor. In my personal time my favorite time is spent with my grandchildren and children. I love to collect earrings; it's my way of dressing up pewter scrubs!

Worked in Mammography since 2011. Worked at Jordan Valley Medical Center and currently work at Intermountain Park City Hospital. Enjoy shopping for anything and have been accused of being a shoe and pillow collector.

I have worked at Lakeview Hospital in mammography for 12 years. I am also an adjunct professor at Weber State University where I teach the mammography program. I absolutely love being able to take my experience in the clinical setting and share that with my students. In my spare time I enjoy hiking, traveling, and baking.

The Officers of USMT

  • President*
  • President- Elect*
  • Vice President (2 years)
  • Secretary/Treasurer (2 years)
  • Chairman of the Board*

*The President-Elect shall serve for a term of one (1) year as president-elect, one (1) year as president and one (1) year as immediate past president and Board Chairman, for a total of 3 years of service. The President-Elect shall be elected yearly.

All members of the Board of Directors shall be active members of the USRT, ASRT, and certified by the ARRT in Mammography.

Positions up for Election Spring 2023:

  • President Elect
  • Vice President
  • Secretary/Treasurer

If you are interested in running for election, please reach out to us at usrt@usrt.net

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